Bosch Speed Clean Bits Play Big Role in Meeting More Stringent OSHA Silica Dust Exposure Requirements

Every jobsite in America where concrete is cut, ground or drilled will change after June 23, 2017. That’s when construction companies and other employers will be subject to OSHA review and penalty if they do not reduce worker exposure to respirable silica dust in an eight-hour period from 250 micrograms per cubic meter of air to 50 micrograms. To put things in perspective, this is 20X smaller than a single grain of salt.

Bosch Speed CleanTM dust extraction bits can help users reach and maintain compliance. The bits are built around an internal channel that sucks up dust while drilling – and by virtue of creating less dust – eliminates 90 percent of airborne silica dust.*

Crystalline silica is a component of concrete that becomes breathable when drilling, sawing, polishing, cutting or crushing concrete, brick, block, rock or stone. OSHA claims that respirable crystalline silica is capable of crippling or killing workers by causing a range of lung diseases, from silicosis and lung cancer to emphysema, plus kidney disease. According to OSHA, it’s estimated that 2.3 million U.S. workers are exposed to respirable silica dust at work each year.

“Bosch Speed Clean bits offer great durability and comparable life to the previous generation of Bosch concrete bits,” said Thomas Grego, product manager, concrete accessories, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “But it’s the ability to extract dust while drilling the hole and reduce dust on the jobsite that sets these bits apart. As a key component of an overall dust management system, Speed Clean bits can save both time and money while helping users remain compliant.”

Bosch dust collection systems boost productivity by reducing the labor required for job cleanup and even reduce installation times for anchoring applications. Speed Clean bits deliver a clean hole up to 50 percent faster than conventional concrete bits, which means more holes that meet specifications in less time.

Bosch Speed Clean bits rely on solid carbide tips embedded in a steel head. A robust two-cutter and four-cutter geometry enhances bit speed and life; each bit comes with a rubber connector that attaches the shaft of the drill bit to the hose. The bits work in conjunction with a dust extraction system.

In developing Speed Clean bits, Bosch used testing performed by a certified industrial hygienist. Using each type of concrete drill bit, four tests were initiated. In all four tests Speed Clean rendered undetectable amounts of silica dust in the worker’s breathing zone; for conventional concrete drill bits just the opposite was true – silica dust was detected in all four tests in the worker’s breathing zone.*

Bosch Speed Clean bits are OSHA code approved and offers the widest range of sizes for SDS-plus® and SDS-max® hammers. Primary users include concrete contractors, adhesive and mechanical anchor installers, civil construction workers and mechanical, electrical and plumbing professionals.

To learn more about the Bosch Speed Clean Bits or to find a local dealer, call 877-BOSCH-99 or visit www.boschtools.com. Check out www.bethepro.com for additional construction tips and videos



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